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Oral and Maxillofacial

The dental community was the fastest to adopt this revolutionary technology. Soon, the applications began budding in the OMF industry and now we see almost everyone in the community putting this technology to good use, i.e. pre-planning the surgery, precontouring their already available implants, using osteotomy guides to better navigate their procedure, replacing tumours with custom designed implants, etc.


Patient Specific

Anatomical Models

Patient specific 2D CT/MRI/ECHO DICOM data  conversion to 3D printed models in multiple  materials, opacities & shore hardness. Our  strengths lie in converting patient data across  various specialities & through individual and a  combination of multiple scanning modalities

Patient Specific

Cutting and Drilling Guides

A well designed surgical guide for cutting and drilling, crafted in accordance to the patient’s anatomy, enhances the holistic surgical procedure

33 (3).PNG

Patient Specific

Titanium Implants

3D Printing empowers us to design customized implants, as per  patient’s anatomical needs. These surpass the limitations of pre-  fabricated implants in terms of design, form and fit.

Patient Specific

Education and Simulation Models

It is important that the upcoming medical talent across the world learns under real-time conditions in order to be prepared for different situations and provide care with precision without having to put the patient at risk during their training.

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