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Oral and Maxillofacial

The dental industry led the rapid adoption of this ground-breaking 3D printing technology. Now many in the medical community use this technology to pre-plan surgery, pre-contour implants, use osteotomy guides to navigate complicated procedures, replace tumours with custom-designed implants, etc.


Patient Specific

Anatomical Models

We specialize in converting patient-specific 2D CT/MRI/ECHO DICOM data into 3D printed models made from multiple materials with different opacities and shore hardness. We have expertise in converting patient data across various specialties through individual and a combination of numerous scanning modes.

Patient Specific

Cutting and Drilling Guides

A surgical guide that is designed well for cutting and drilling in accordance with the patient’s anatomy can improve the overall surgical procedure

33 (3).PNG

Patient Specific

Titanium Implants

3D printing allows us to create custom implants that are tailored to the patient’s anatomical needs. These implants are superior to pre-fabricated implants in terms of design, form, and fit.

Patient Specific

Education and Simulation Models

It’s important for medical students around the world to learn
under real-time conditions so that they can be prepared for different situations and provide precise care without putting
patients at risk during their training.

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