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About Us

While Anatomiz3D is a Canadian start-up based out of Toronto, we have a rich history, experience, and expertise in applying 3D Modelling and 3D Printing Technologies in developing our healthcare products through our journey in India.

Our Story

Anatomiz3D, an innovative medical 3D printing company, made its debut in the Indian healthcare industry in 2016. Since then, the company has rendered unparalleled services to over 3,000 patients, collaborated with 400 medical teams, and served 200 hospitals, ultimately helping to save over 21,000 healthcare hours. Through its unyielding commitment to excellence, Anatomiz3D gained invaluable experience in medical 3D Printing in India from 2016 to 2022, solidifying its reputation as a trusted name in the industry. We set up several Point of Care Labs within the prestigious institutions below. Point of Care Lab is an Anatomiz3D lab set up in hospitals and clinics, with our technicians and equipment to provide easy access to our products and services to the hospital medical staff and doctors.

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What we do

  • Anatomiz3D specializes in converting patient-specific 2D CT and MRI datasets into 3D virtual and physical models. Surgeons can use these models to better understand the patient's defects, preplan surgeries, establish personalized surgical protocols, and select the appropriate tools and implants.

  • Alongside 3D anatomical modelling, we create custom patient-specific cutting and drilling tools in biocompatible materials.

  • We 3D print load-bearing and non-load-bearing implants in medical-grade titanium material.

  • We design and manufacture realistic anatomical phantoms to enhance the education of medical students and provide them with realistic conditions. It will reduce the need for cadavers, allow training to be replicated across various locations, and make learning possible for everyone. We have a library of hand-picked complex cases across many specializations, serving as excellent teaching and training tools.

How we do it

We establish Point of Care laboratories inside hospitals, ensuring convenient access to our products and services for doctors and hospital staff. These labs come fully equipped with all the necessary hardware, software, and trained technicians to handle 2D CT or MRI scans. Our team converts these scans into 3D images and conducts 3D printing on-site for immediate access. By handling the entire process, we relieve hospitals from the burden of staff training, software enhancements and equipment maintenance.

We can set up and run such labs due to our experience and knowledge of the entire workflow, starting from image acquisition, image segmentation, 3D modelling & design and 3D Printing & post-processing. We also understand how this can be well integrated in a hospital, involving a number of stakeholders, such as Hospital management, Radiologists, Clinicians, IT, Billing, etc.


Key Advantages


  • Makes 3D printing easily accessible for regular use in clinical practice

  • Real-time clinical feedback

  • Reduces lead time and cost compared to outsourcing such services

  • Enables clinicians to innovate and realize new ideas and products freely

  • Reduced operating theatre time – leading to more surgeries and reduced waiting time

  • Improved surgical outcomes - raising the standard of healthcare

  • Adds to a hospital’s brand value of being an advanced healthcare centre



We have never seen better quality and service than this. We got a better profile for the patient and since it was well planned, we had no exhaustion in OT

Dr. Ashok & Dr. Senthilnathan
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

The measurements provided through the model were matching with those of the mass resected from the patient’s uterus

Dr. Rooma Sinha

Gyanaec-Onco Surgeon

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-26 at 9.14.57 AM (1).jpeg

The model accurately described the actual anatomy, especially the increased size of LA.

Dr. Karunakar Rapolu

Cardiac Surgeon

It was very helpful in explaining the surgical procedure to the patient and their family. It helped in team communication as well.

Dr. Somashekhar Reddy

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Meet The Team

Firoza Headshot_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Firoza Kothari

Co-Founder and CTO

B.Tech Biotechnology

Forbes 30U30  (Asia) - Science and Healthcare

Product and Technology Expert

Sagar Shah CoFounder and CFO Anatomiz3D
  • LinkedIn

Sagar Shah

Co-Founder and COO

MBA. Finance

Also Co-Founder – SAHAS
Strategic and Financial Planning

Sohrab Kothari CoFounder and COO Anatomiz3D
  • LinkedIn

Sohrab Kothari

Co-Founder and COO

MBA. Finance

Also Co-Founder – SAHAS
3D Printing, Materials and Scanning Technology Expert

Karan Headshot_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Karan Shah

Co-Founder and CMO

BE. Aviation

Customer Engagement and Applications. Expert in Medtech for over 13 years.


Board of Advisors

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To be announced



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To be announced



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