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About Us

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While Anatomiz3D is a Canadian Start-up based out of Toronto, we have a rich history, experience, and expertise in applying 3D Modelling and 3D Printing Technologies to development of Healthcare products through our journey in India.

Our Journey

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Our Story

Our story began in India in 2012 when the entrepreneurial spirit of two of our founders, also childhood friends, drove them to set up a 3D Printing Company.

Having no technical background, the founders learned everything they could about 3D Printing Technology; finding application in various sectors such as engineering space, customizations to parts, designing new parts, and traditional manufacturing solutions.As they began to learn and develop their business in 3D Printing, they realized there was significant demand for the application of 3D printing technology in the medical field and in 2016 Anatomiz3D was born.

Over the years, in India, the company gained expertise in patient-specific 3D modelling and 3D printing by executing over 3000 patient cases and working with over 400 medical groups, which helped save over 1,900 healthcare hours. 

We're a one-stop design and manufacturing solution provider for customized medical products. Using the technology of 3D modelling and 3D printing we create anatomical models, pre-surgical guides, customized implants & implant molds. Being the first in India to have introduced and mastered soft tissue modelling for 3D Printing, we have a vast case library covering all specialties, along with multiple in-house developed products (Patent pending) along with published white papers.
We are consultants, trainers and partners to Hospitals and Medical Training Centers. With our POC module (Point of Care Centers) we also help or ourselves establish an entire process flow for 3D printing labs, along with providing back-end support for end to end solutions. Over the years, several point-of-care labs have been set up inside hospitals in India to provide easy access to our 3D products and technology for doctors and patients.

Our Strengths



To aid surgical practices by simplifying and customizing operative planning and procedures, eventually empowering surgeons to cater to more patients.

To reduce surgical wait time for patients, improving patient recovery quality and reducing risk of surgery.

To enhance complex and defect specific medical education.


To develop patient-specific medical devices and tissue engineering solutions, reducing the need of organ donors some day.

Meet The Team

Firoza Headshot_edited.jpg

Firoza Kothari

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder and CTO

B.Tech Biotechnology

Forbes 30U30  (Asia) - Science and Healthcare

Product and Technology Expert

Sohrab Kothari CoFounder and COO Anatomiz3D

Sohrab Kothari

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder and COO

MBA. Finance

Also Co-Founder – SAHAS. 3D Printing, Materials and Scanning Technology Expert

Sagar Shah CoFounder and CFO Anatomiz3D

Sagar Shah

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder and COO

MBA. Finance

Also Co-Founder – SAHAS. Strategic and Financial Planning

Karan Headshot_edited.jpg

Karan Shah

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder and CMO

BE. Aviation

Customer Engagement and Applications. Expert in Medtech for over 13 years.


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