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Oral and Maxillofacial Anatomical models

We specialize in converting patient specific 2D CT/MRI/ECHO DICOM data into 3D printed models that can be made from multiple materials with different opacities and shore hardness. We have expertise in converting patient data across various specialties and through individual and a combination of numerous scanning modes. These models can also be used as educational and simulation tools to help medical professionals better understand the patient’s anatomy.


Mandible Tumour with Nerve

Elongated Mandible

1 (9).PNG

Cleft Palate

Facial Trauma


Maxilla Tumour


Teeth Roots

Key Advantages 

Medical Team

• In addition to current 2D imaging techniques
• Decision making: whether to operate patient or not
• Faster and more precise Patient Specific treatment planning
• Implant pre-contouring
• Tools selection
• Cutting guide and placement and trajectory of screws
• Improved communication within the team
• Student/Resident Education model


•Reduced blood loss

•Reduced time under anesthesia

•Improved recovery time


• Reduced operating time
• More operations performed in a day
• Faster recovery
• More patient intake

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