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Neurosurgery has a wide range of applications, including bone and soft tissue. Using 3D printing, surgeons can reconstruct these tissues individually or in combination and replicate them using similar materials allowing them to prepare and validate their surgical plan. Cutting guides can also be used to remove tumours correctly and replace them with custom 3D-printed titanium implants. These implants provide patients with the best possible solutions. Surgeons can also use custom implants made from various materials, such as bone cement or PMMA (synthetic polymer commonly known as acrylic), to treat significant cranioplasty defects. With 3D printing, pediatric neurosurgery discovered a new solution in cranial helmets to correct infant skull deformities.


Patient Specific

Anatomical Models

We specialize in converting patient-specific 2D CT/MRI/ECHO DICOM data to 3D printed models in multiple materials, opacities, and shore hardness. Our strengths lie in converting patient data across various specialties and through individual and a combination of numerous scanning modes.

Patient Specific

Cutting and Drilling Guides

A well designed surgical guide for cutting and drilling, crafted in accordance to the patient’s anatomy, enhances the holistic surgical procedure

8 (3)_edited.jpg
37 (2)_edited.jpg

Patient Specific

Titanium Implants and PMMA Molds

3D modeling and 3D printing allow us to create custom implants that are tailored to the patient’s unique anatomy. These implants are not limited by the design, shape, and fit constraints of pre fabricated implants.

Defect Specific

Education and Simulation Models

Medical students need to learn under realistic conditions to be prepared for different situations and provide meticulous care without putting the patient at risk during their training.

Brain Simulation Model 2.jpeg

R&D and Marketing

for Medical Devices

We work with other medical device companies to create prototypes during their research phase and show real world product applications during their marketing phase.

Custom Infant Helmet

for Remolding Therapy

Helmet molding therapy, or cranial orthosis, is a type of treatment in which a baby is fitted with a special helmet to correct the shape of the skull.

Cranial Helmet 2.png
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