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Spine surgery

Spine surgeries are highly critical because they require operating near the spinal cord, and a single mistake can have severe repercussions for the patient. To address this challenge, we have developed an in-house product called SpineLEAD (provisional patent), including a Pedicle Guidance System. This system provides surgeons with essential information such as the length, entry point, angle, and diameter of the pedicle screw. In addition, our product features anatomical models that can demonstrate complex muscle and nerve tumours, implant breakages, and other relevant information. Our product allows surgeons to make informed decisions, leading to better patient outcomes.


Patient Specific

Anatomical Models

We specialize in converting patient-specific 2D CT/MRI/ECHO DICOM data into 3D printed models made from multiple materials with varying opacities and shore hardness. We can convert patient data across various specialties and through individual and a combination of several scanning modes. These models are also excellent educational and simulation tools.

Patient Specific

Cutting and Drilling Guides

Anatomiz3D has created an in-house product called SpineLEAD (provisional patent), a Pedicle Guidance System offering surgeons critical information about the pedicle screw. Specifically, our system provides details such as the length, entry point, angle, and diameter of the screw, which is essential for effective and accurate surgical procedures.

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Patient Specific

Education and Simulation Models

To ensure that future medical professionals are adequately prepared for diverse scenarios and can provide excellent care, they must train under realistic conditions to not jeopardize patient safety.

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