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oral and Maxillofacial 

3D printing allows us to create custom implants tailored to patients' unique anatomical needs. These implants can be designed to fit better than pre-fabricated implants and can be more effective in terms of design and form

Nasal Ridge and Sub-Periosteal Implant


Mandible Implant

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-25 at 8.27.17 AM.jpeg

Zygoma implant with Orbital Floor

Zygoma Implant with Palate

Mandible Implant with TMJ

Sub-Periosteal Implant with Abutments

Key Advantages 

•3D printing allows us to create perfectly fitting implants and be printed in titanium or as a mold.

•Meshes can be controlled and modified to meet specific needs.

•Manufacturing is free of limitations.

•Designs can be adjusted as needed.

•The operation time is shorter, and there is less need for autografts.

•Patients can expect better surgical outcomes.

•Turnaround time is faster than traditional custom-made implants.

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