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Vasculature of the Heart


Being the first in India to have executed a Paediatric cardiology case, this specialization has been our area of focus ever since the first day. After having our first success story where a heart model of a 6 month old infant was 3D printed to assure the success of a complete biventricular repair, we have developed our expertise into reading cardiac scans accurately and designing models with more information embedded in them. Our in-house developed cut sections enable the surgeons to better understand the anatomy, similar to what they would encounter in the OT. 


Patient Specific

Anatomical Models

Our team of Biomedical Engineers have the expertise and knowledge to extract 3D cardiac information from a 2D CT/MRI scan accurately to represent any type of requirements - internal or external anatomy. 

Deformity Based

Education Models

Virtual or Physical, we provide training and simulation models for over 23 different types of unique paediatric and adult cardiac defects. We also offer customizations to your specific needs.

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R&D and Marketing for

Medical Devices

We work side by side with other Medical Device companies through their research phase for prototype development and marketing phase for realistic product demonstration. 

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