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3D printing allows us to create implants that are customized to the patient’s unique anatomy. This means that the implants can be designed to fit the patient’s body perfectly, which can improve their comfort and reduce the risk of complications. Unlike pre-fabricated implants, which are made in standard sizes and shapes, 3D printed implants can be designed with a specific form and fit in mind. This can help to overcome some of the limitations of pre-fabricated implants and provide better outcomes for patients.


Cranial Defect


Defect Specific Implant


Frontal Implant


Sagittal Implant with Orbital Rim


Extended Flanges


Mix Screw Flanges and Temporal Cut 

Key Advantages 

•3D printing allows us to create perfectly fitting implants and be printed in titanium or as a mold.

•Meshes can be controlled and modified to meet specific needs.

•Manufacturing is free of limitations.

•Designs can be adjusted as needed.

•The operation time is shorter, and there is less need for autografts.

•Patients can expect better surgical outcomes.

•Turnaround time is faster than traditional custom-made implants.

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