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Meeting the decision makers

The experience of meeting the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, was truly an honor that will be etched in our memories. This rare opportunity allowed us to engage in a meaningful and enlightening conversation about the vast array of opportunities that both Ontario and Canada offer on a broader scale. Our discussion revolved around the potential these regions hold for immigrants like us, especially for those who are aspiring to establish and expand their own ventures.

Premier of Ontario - Doug Ford (left), Co-Founder of Anatomiz3D - Firoza Kothari (Right)
Premier of Ontario - Doug Ford (left), Co-Founder of Anatomiz3D - Firoza Kothari (Right)

During our meeting, we delved into the prospects that Ontario and Canada, as a whole, provide for immigrant entrepreneurs and innovators. The Premier highlighted how the diverse cultural landscape and business-friendly environment of Ontario contribute to an ecosystem ripe for growth and innovation. He emphasized the ongoing efforts to support immigrant founders and their endeavors through various programs, resources, and initiatives that aim to foster entrepreneurship and economic advancement.

Co-Founder of Anatomiz3D - Firoza Kothari (Left), Minister IRCC - Sean Fraser (Right)

The heart of our conversation with the Minister lay in addressing the challenges that immigrant founders encounter as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey in a new and unfamiliar country. As fellow entrepreneurs, we shared our firsthand experiences and the hurdles we faced while establishing our ventures in a foreign land. These challenges often encompassed navigating through unfamiliar regulatory frameworks, building networks, accessing funding opportunities, and integrating into the local business community. Our open dialogue led to the formulation of pragmatic solutions, drawing upon our collective insights and suggestions.

Overall, the meeting was a significant step towards fostering collaboration and understanding between immigrant founders, policymakers, and key stakeholders. The commitment shown by the Premier and the Minister to not only acknowledge the contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs but also to actively address the challenges they face, speaks volumes about their dedication to cultivating a diverse and thriving business landscape. As we continue on our entrepreneurial paths, we remain optimistic about the positive impact that such discussions can have on the growth and success of immigrant-founded businesses in Ontario and throughout Canada.


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